Anthony G. Micale

Aircraft, Automotive and Space Launch Engineering Expert
Active Aerospace Engineer
Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering
Master of Business Administration

Anthony Micale brings over 32 years of aerospace and automotive engineering experience, including rigorous failure analysis. He is part of the Micale Partners expert witness team. He is currently employed at a Federally Funded Research and Development Corporation where he contributes to US space flight mission assurance.

Paul J. Micale

Pilot, Commercial and Military Aircraft Operations Expert
Commercial Airline Pilot
Military Aircraft Pilot
Masters Aeronautical Science

Paul Micale is an active airline pilot with 26 years of flight experience, 13 of which are under FAR Part 121. He has over 7200 flight hours with multiple ratings. Paul is a decorated veteran.  He has also been forward deployed as a combat pilot with the US Army during 7 years of active duty.